Choosing a Martial Arts School / Taekwondo Dojang in Colorado Springs




Choosing a Martial Arts School: don’t eat fast food!

Choosing a Martial Arts School / Taekwondo Dojang in Colorado Springs

by Master Nicolas Karkabe

World Taekwondo Federation
Chung Do Kwan
5th Dan Black Belt
Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy
Illumination Point
630 Hwy 105
Palmer Lake, Colorado  80133

Getting your family involved in taekwondo at an early age makes a world of difference in how your children advance in school and life.  The five tenants of taekwondo are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and cultivation of indomitable spirit.  These core values really help children to succeed in all aspects of life.   Similarly to a child that plays an instrument throughout their secondary education, martial arts from the right source, will do the same – accelerate your child’s  success and push up their potential, make them healthier and improve their academic scores.

The physical and mental benefits of a traditional martial art are well documented.  Many schools purport to be traditional when they are not.

So how do you choose a Dojo?  Should you choose one that is close and convenient because you drive by everyday?  Would you chose your child’s college this way or would you shop around and take your time to make sure you made a sound decision based upon important, predisposed variables?


BlueWave Logo Final

Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy has just opened it’s door in the Colorado Springs region.  If you or your children wish to learn Martial Arts from the best in the region, please put Blue Wave on your shopping list:

Many people begin a martial arts journey and come to realize that their potential is limited by their master’s true ability.  While many “masters” are masters at running a business and marketing, often times they are unable to lead from the front or simply do not have the breadth of education or applied training to take student much past 1st degree black belt.  There is a great deal of importance in early 1-on-1 attention in the martial arts and you just can’t get that at box schools.

Blue Wave taekwondo Academy is different.  Master K has trained from coast to coast and has litmus tested many channels in the martial arts stream.   Blue Wave’s quality and real instruction from a legitimately, street-effective martial art is unmatched.  This is why we have so many disgruntled senior rank coming from other organizations.  While it may have taken them a lot of time and money to navigate through the murky waters of the McDojos, once they are able to quantify quality and what is important: truth in training(i.e. understanding heavy bag concepts) – they almost always leave the McDojos with their spirit used up.

Please set an appointment with Master K so he can help you achieve your family’s goals and show you the long term importance of choosing the right school.  Here is a short list of things you should look for:


  1. Is the Dojo extremely high in price?  What’s important- profit or making a difference in people’s lives, even the ones that can’t afford top tier pricing?
  2. Is the organization majorly concerned with a couple major events which require your time and money to make some one else rich?
  3. How often does your “master” demonstrate his or her canvas?
  4. Is your Master in shape?
  5. Does the school charge a lot of extras (nickel and diming you) and forcing you to pay money for expensive events to be promoted in rank?
  6. Is your dojo a social club vs – a street-smarts club and is a black belt able to really fight – or have they just been a “good person?”
  7. Can a black belt from a school really hold their own in the street or have they simply paid for rank and thus ego?
  8. What is the student to Master ratio of the school?
  9. Who teaches the majority of YOUR classes – a 16 yr old?
  10. What is your Master’s resume?  Can they even list their college GPA?  What kind of person are they – one of continuous quality in character throughout life – always challenging themselves?
  11. What is the weapons and poomsae/forms library of your school?
  12. Does the Master do any energy or Chi Energy Work?
  13. Does the Dojo concern itself with promoting a foreign culture like a religion or are they really there to provide you with self defense?
  14. Have you tested the effectiveness of the dojo’s curriculum (some dojos throw out their entire curriculum after pretending it was something good for many years – after taking lots of money for techniques that are literal garbage and are actually putting people that believe in them—in greater DANGER!
  15. Is there hard pressure and sales tactics used to guilt you into long contracts?  Anything more than a year (for an extremely committed student) is ridiculous.  Also, if you have good quality at a good price, why do you need a long contract except to extract money.  What if the child looses interest because the instruction is poor and you have two years left that you paid?

These are just a few questions you may wish to ask when you are exploring an organization.  Often times it is very valuable to interview people that have traveled to several schools so as to really know the truth of their training.

We hope this article has been helpful in aiding you in your martial arts journey.  Please check us our or stop in and set an appointment with Master K:


Master Nicolas Karkabe

World Taekwondo Federation

Chung Do Kwan

5th Dan Black Belt


Blue Wave Taekwondo Academy


Illumination Point

630 Hwy 105

Palmer Lake, Colorado  80133




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